Corporate Image

A corporate image is the perception that the general public holds about a particular business!

Your actual Corporate Image of your business is archiving your goals?

Now you can get the blue print of you success with a Corporate Image Manual of your brand identity.
With a little investment you can consolidate your brand and give confidence to your customers and prospects.

What is a Corporate Image Manual?

A corporate identity manual is a document purely visual in delimiting the outlines of the image of a company, service, product or institution. It will define the rules to follow to print the brand name and logo in various internal and external media company, with particular emphasis on those that are displayed to the public.

The manual describes the graphical symbols chosen by the company to display your image and all its variations: form, color, size, etc.. In it, explains its form, timing and location of use by including graphic examples. Also shown are prohibitive norms of their applications.