Logo Design Process

We start our logo design process with research and a design brief. Research begins with a client interview, followed by a deep dive into their history, audience, competitors, products/services, and business goals. Once we have all of the nitty-gritty details, we create a design brief and start brainstorming ideas on how best to represent their identity.

Logo Design: Sketching & Considerations

The next step is for our design team to start sketching ideas. Every little detail within a logo should have a reason or purpose. As we develop a logo, it’s good practice to take notes on the reasons for the creation to strongly support the strategy behind the logo.
After rounds of sketching, we conceptualize and bring our ideas to life. In most cases, logo mockups undergo multiple rounds of design modifications until the
client’s vision and our ideas align.

Logo Design: Finalization & Review

Finally, we revisit the overarching business goals of our client to determine if the logo accurately identifies the brand, improves upon the issues of the original logo, and integrates properly with previously established brand touchpoints. Effective logos are much more than creative esthetic, they must be practical.

A great Logo Design can make or break how others view your company. It shows your potential clients that you put time and effort in creating a company that will provide that same time and effort into the services or products that you could provide to them.

You have a logo. Now what?

Here are some things to consider about your logo to ensure it’s as practical as possible:


How does this logo look in one solid color?
Does this logo display well in horizontal, vertical, and square formats?
What is the minimum size this logo can be without losing quality?
Do I need a secondary option for use where space is small and limited?


In most cases, your logo will be used across many platforms, throughout various mediums, and at a wide range of sizes- so it’s important to create all of the appropriate file types from the beginning. When developing a logo, always create it as a vector file. This will provide the flexibility required for your logo to be produced on a wide range of items without losing its quality.


Purpose defines the design..

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