Inter.Graphics was established in 1999.

We Conceive And Translate Our Clients Dreams Into

Since the beginning, our objective has been to turn ideas into tangible projects capable of competing against the highest quality standards at international levels.

To us, the important task in not only to serve you, but also to make all your projects, ideas, and dreams a reality. To achieve this, our team will guide and assist you in transforming those dreams in tangible results and, therefore, find the solutions to your marketing requirements.

Let us offer you the best solution for your project in the different areas we cover, offering you advanced technology, design, and experience.

To reach our goals, we have established different mechanisms and established strong bonds with our clients by considering each one of their projects our own project.


We are located in Houston Tx.


We speak spanish.


Can’t meet in person? No worries request a meeting online.


Our Goal Is Clients’ Success
And Future Growth

01.   Personalized service

In Inter. Graphics you are in good hands because our graphic designers have had over ten years of experience. Our clients are our first priority because we want to ensure that your ideas come to life. We do this by actively listening to our clients needs, finding creative solutions, building a corporate image, and include our clients in every step.

03.    Creativity and Tactics

It is always important to have a visual consistency in our business or company that gives us credivilidad which translates to more customers and more sales if we combine it as a good marketing strategy in nustros invercion your services will be worth every penny.

02.   Technological solutions

What you can imagin, someone else can do it a reality, that is why our development team is always thinking new ways to bring your ideas to a useful platform for your business and projects, using the Internet as the main tool to achieve this goal. Our team of developers and technical support are ready to advise you on your project, or in the right use of any axistem platform.

04.   Call us: (713) 903-7911 / Hablamos español

Try it and get in touch with our executives to clarify any questions about our services and products.